In recent years the issue of “safety at work” has taken on great social importance. We are very proud to have been the only Italian manufacturer to have participated in the VG15 European Work Group responsible for drafting the safety legislation concerning PU cutting machines (Plastics and Rubber Machines).

Our machines are already equipped with the technical features that will become crucial in the future.

Accuracy and reliability

We have produced cutting machines for flexible and rigid polyurethane foam since 1960.
We offer a very high level of quality thanks to many years of experience.

By choice, the components of our cutting machines are predominan-
tly of Italian or German origin, ensuring accuracy, attention to detail and a high degree of reliability.


Our goal is to meet the needs of each customer, making structural changes to our standard models when required. Each cutting machine is individually tested and monitored to ensure high quality.
Thanks to the continuous search for the best products in terms of technology and quality, we were awarded the Gold Medal award for “Labour and Economic Progress” by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture.